Dallas Skylines

Dallas Skylines
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Dallas Skylines

by Michael O'Brien

The Dallas skyline reflects the progress made by this modern metropolis of the West. The Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area is home to over 6 million people and boasts a variety of architectural styles, cultures and resources. Incorporated in 1856, Dallas has transformed itself from a cattle town to a hub of corporate and financial centers, famous sports teams and education.

Dallas has become home to a number of corporate headquarters and is a financial capital of the American South. As a city, Dallas is home to over 1.2 million people. But the Dallas metropolitan area, which includes Arlington and Fort Worth is home to over 6 million Texans. To put this statistic in perspective, one quarter of all Texans live in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolis.

Bank of America Tower

Bank of America Tower anchors the panoramic Dallas skyline. Rising over 920 feet above downtown Dallas, the B of A Tower is the tallest building in the city with almost 2 million square feet of office and commercial space. Often referred to as the Jolly Green Giant, the B of A Tower features an unusual emerald lighting effect.

Renaissance Tower

Once the tallest building along the Dallas skyline, the Renaissance Tower is 56 stories of exterior glass. When the broadcast towers on the roof are included, the building is almost 900 feet tall, though the roof height is just over 700 feet above Elm Street.

J.P. Morgan Chase Tower

One of several post-modern style skyscrapers along the Dallas skyline, the JP Morgan Chase Tower is stands over 730 feet above Ross Avenue. The building's design is unmistakable and features a keyhole shaped sky lobby near the top of the structure.

Fountain Place

If you are looking for an ultra modern skyscraper just walk up Ross Avenue to Fountain Place. Like a giant glass and steel prism, Fountain Place stands out among its taller cousins along the Dallas skyline. Fountain Place rises over 700 feet and provide just over I million square feet in office space.

Reunion Tower

Many cities have observation towers and similar structures as part of the skyline. Seattle has the Space Needle, St. Louis has the Gateway Arch and Las Vegas has the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino. Not to be outdone, Dallas has Reunion Tower. A prominent feature of the Dallas skyline, Reunion Tower features an observation level that gives visitors a spectacular panoramic view of the city.

The Dallas City Hall

The City Hall building was designed by the world famous architect I.M. Pei. Built in 1987, the Dallas City Hall is a masterpiece of modernistic design that features a very angular shape and spectacular nighttime lighting.

Dealey Plaza One Day in November

Forever remembered as the place where President John Kennedy was assassinated, Dealy Plaza is now the site of a memorial to that fateful day in November 1963. The 150 acre plaza has been on the list of National Historic Landmarks since 1993. The plaza draws thousands of tourists every year and millions have come to visit since the late 1980's. The Texas School Book Depository building has been preserved and converted into a museum. For those folks looking to add a look at history to their home or office can find many framed pictures of this historic site. The Book Depository, the Grassy Knoll and other features of Dealy Plaza have been captured forever in high quality framed pictures.

Dallas Sports

Like most American cities, Dallas loves its sports teams. No other team in Dallas history is more enduring in the hearts of Texans than the Dallas Cowboys. Until 2009, the Cowboys played in Texas Stadium in Arlington. Known by some people as America's Team, the Cowboys of the National Football League were franchised in 1960. For almost 25 seasons, the Cowboys were perennial contenders under the watchful eye of head coach Tom Landry.

The Dallas Mavericks of the National Basketball Association and the Texas Rangers of Major League Baseball call Dallas home and, like the Dallas Cowboys, have inspired legions of loyal fans in Texas and across the country.